REVIEW J.U4L2--The Life Cycle Of Synthetic Materials Question Preview (ID: 59092)


What stage in the life cycle of a bottle might be affected by a bottle deposit law? (ie, a dime to recycle)
a) distribution
b) production
c) consumer-use
d) obtaining-resources stage; because when we recycle, fewer natural resources are mined to make new bottles

Which one is NOT an advantage of shopping with a plastic bag?
a) reusable
b) recyclable
c) plastic is a renewable resource
d) inexpensive

What is a disadvantage of throwing away plastic in a landfill?
a) animals might try to eat it
b) paper bags can be recycled
c) plastic is biodegradable, so there really is no disadvantage of tossing it
d) planting a tree is something everyone can do to help the environment

Which of the following is a renewable natural resource?
a) diamonds
b) metals
c) oil
d) wood

Which phase of the life cycle of a synthetic material does recycling bypass? (bypass = goes past)
a) production
b) obtaining resources
c) distribution
d) disposal

What CLAIM is most valid about the advantage of using recycled plastic for making bottles?
a) more use of natural resources
b) less energy used making the bottles
c) recycled plastic will cost less than new plastic
d) less expensive equipment to make bottles from recycled plastic

What REASONING best describes how plastics have AFFECTED natural resources, by replacing metal parts in cars?
a) The use of plastics has shifted natural resource use from mining to drilling for oil.
b) Plastics recycle easier so are able to reduce the use of natural resources.
c) Fewer natural resources are affected by the use of plastics, compared with metal.
d) Plastics use renewable natural resources, compared with nonrenewable resources for metals.

Synthetic turf football fields use rubber pellets made from used tires. Which stage of the life cycle of the tires do the RUBBER PELLETS represent?
a) consumer use
b) distribution
c) production
d) disposal

Which of these gives EVIDENCE of the 'OBTAINING-RESOURCES' phase of the life cycle of polyethylene?
a) Ethylene is produced from petroleum, which is EXTRACTED from the earth.
b) Ethylene is made into polyethylene, which is then molded into jugs.
c) Used jugs are collected, cleaned, and shredded.
d) Jugs are filled with milk and sent to markets.

Which scientific discovery enabled the production of synthetic insulin?
a) discovering a method to measure sugar in blood
b) discovering the CHEMICAL structure of insulin
c) discovering the ability to insert human genes into yeast
d) discovering that insulin is the molecule that controls sugar metabolism

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