Australia Geography Question Preview (ID: 59087)

Facts On Geo. Of Australia.

Mountain Range on East Coast
a) Great Dividing Range
b) Great Barrier Range
c) Outback
d) Canberra Mts.

National Capital of Australia
a) Canberra
b) Sydney
c) Auckland
d) Queensland

The state that makes up the entire westerns side of Australia
a) Queensland
b) Western Australia
c) Northern Territory
d) New South Wales

Large Rock in Middle of Australia
a) Aboriginal Rock
b) Uluru
c) Barrier Mt.
d) Mount Sydney

The large Desert has this nickname
a) Queens Desert
b) Outback
c) The Dreaming
d) Ayers Desert

Great Barrier Reef is located in this is area
a) South west
b) North East
c) South Wesrt
d) North West

The state that is an island
a) New Zealand
b) New South Wales
c) Tasmania
d) Canberra

The Large sea that is located in the south East
a) Tasman Sea
b) Great Barrier Sea
c) Sea of Australia
d) Coral Sea

The largest desert in Australia
a) Great Barrier Desert
b) Great Dividing Desert
c) Great Victoria Desert
d) Great Tasman Desert

This Sea is located in the Northern Part of Australia
a) Coral Sea
b) Tasman Sea
c) Indian Sea
d) Atlantic Ocean

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