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Blizzards bring cold winds and blowing _______'
a) rain
b) snow
c) roads
d) sunshine

Blizzards are dangerous because roads become _________.
a) flat
b) bumpy
c) clear
d) icy

In a blizzard, ________ may fall.
a) power lines
b) clouds
c) buildings
d) rain

__________ are made of tiny drops of water.
a) volcanoes
b) clouds
c) rocks
d) earthquakes

Lines on the thermometer mark the _________.
a) degrees
b) rain
c) ice
d) clouds

_________ are strong storms that last only a few minutes
a) energy
b) hurricanes
c) tornadoes
d) blizzards

When water moves over the land, it ______ the land.
a) erodes
b) freezes
c) doesn't change the land
d) condenses

Water in the ocean is a ________ .
a) solid
b) liquid
c) gas
d) cloud

Wind and heat cause water to __________.
a) melt
b) erode
c) evaporate
d) cloud

Much rain in a place can cause a _________ .
a) volcano
b) fire
c) blizzard
d) flood

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