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What type of cover is used to escape harsh weather conditions?
a) Home
b) Escape
c) Protection
d) Survival

What is the key to wildlife survival?
a) Food
b) Water
c) Shelter
d) All of these....habitat!

Which type of cover is used to get away from predators?
a) Home
b) Escape
c) Protection
d) Survival

What can biologist's recommend if a population becomes too high?
a) Shorten hunting season
b) Increase bag limits
c) Stock the animal
d) Poach the animal

What is the greatest danger to wildlife populations today?
a) Loss of habitat
b) Poaching
c) Pollution
d) Invasive species

What is the agency in charge of managing and protecting wildlife in PA?
a) PA Environmental agency
b) PA Game Comission
c) PA Wildlife Agency
d) PA Game Police

Regulated hunting is dangerous to a wildlife population.
a) True
b) False

Which is NOT an animal that has been saved by wildlife management in PA?
a) Elk
b) Pheasant
c) Bald Eagle
d) Gray Squirrel

If deer populations are too large for their habitat to sustain, they have reached their...
a) overpopulation
b) carrying capacity
c) limiting factors
d) breaking point

Which term controls wildlife populations?
a) Immigration
b) Overpopulation
c) Control factors
d) Limiting factors

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