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A vector is a quantity that has __________.
a) time and direction.
c) magnitude and direction.
d) magnitude and time.

A scalar is a quantity that has __________.
a) color
b) magnitude
c) time
d) direction

When representing velocity as a vector __________.
a) the direction of the arrow shows the direction of motion.
b) all of the above
c) the length of the arrow represents the speed.
d) the length of the arrow is drawn to a suitable scale.

The weight of a 1-kg mass is
a) 9.8 N
b) 4.48 N
c) 1 pound
d) 9.8 pounds

The force called weight comes from:
a) friction
b) speed
c) acceleration
d) gravity

If a block has 8 N acting on it to the right and 12 N acting on it to the left, what is the net force?
a) 20 N right
b) 4 N left
c) 4 N right
d) 20 N left

If 16 N acts towards the top and 16 N acts towards the bottom, what is the direction of the acceleration?
a) no acceleration
b) left
c) downwards
d) upwards

Which of the following does NOT describe an object in equilibrium?
a) A box is resting on a table without moving
b) A box is being lowered straight down on a rope at constant speed
c) A box is falling freely in the air with no strings attached
d) A box is being pushed at constant speed across the floor in a straight line

A table with four legs has a mass of 20 kg. A box with a mass of 50 kg sets on top of the table. How much force does EACH leg of the table exert down onto the floor?
a) 17.5 newtons
b) 171.5 newtons
c) 122.5 newtons
d) 49.0 newtons

The force acting perpendicular to a surface is the
a) gravitational force
b) friction force
c) normal force
d) electric force

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