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How was Phillip able to get around the island?
a) by using the rope to the beach then by using a cane
b) Timothy would lead him around
c) by following Stew Cat

What did Timothy think about Stew Cat?
a) he was a cute, cuddly cat
b) he was bad luck
c) he was good at catching his own food

Why did Timothy put the raft in the ocean?
a) to see if it would float
b) to water proof the boards
c) to put Stew Cat on it long enough for him to chase away the jumbi

Why did Timothy wake up one morning with a fever?
a) he had malaria
b) he had an ear infection
c) he had chicken pox
d) he had an ear infection

How did Timothy act while he was sick?
a) fever and chills, then acting out of his mind
b) like he was in a coma
c) sweating and screaming in pain

What did Timothy do while he was sick?
a) rolled around in the sand at the beach
b) climbed a palm tree
c) ran into the ocean

How did Timothy feel after the fever broke?
a) he never fully regained his strength again
b) he was fine, just like before he got sick

Why did Timothy teach Phillip how to fish?
a) to give Phillip something to do
b) so Phillip could feel good about himself
c) so he could take care of himself if something happened to Timothy

What was Timothy too old to do?
a) swim out in the ocean to catch large fish
b) climb the palm trees and get coconuts
c) build a strong hut

How did Phillip get to the reef to fish?
a) he followed the driftwook Timothy stuck in the sand
b) he followed the rope
c) Timothy took him any time he wanted to go

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