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What is the name of the high tariff that played a major role in causing the Great Depression?
a) Tarff of 1928
b) Hawley-Smoot Tariff
c) McKinley Tariff
d) Tariff of Abominations

The bombardment on a military base in which state cause the United States to declare war on Japan?
a) New York
b) Florida
c) Hawaii
d) Alaska

What two Japanese cities were subjected to atomic bombs in 1945?
a) Hiroshima and Nagasaki
b) Tokyo and Kanagawa
c) Nagasaki and Kyota
d) Hiroshima and Kobe

What is the name of the Nazi dictator who came to power shortly before WWII and ran anti-Jewish campaigns?
a) Joseph Stalin
b) Benito Moussilini
c) Franz Ferdinand
d) Adolf Hitler

The Spanish Civil War was between the Spanish government and what communist general?
a) Adolf Hitler
b) Zachary Taylor
c) Francisco Franco
d) Maximo Gomez

Which American general was in charge of the D-Day invasion?
a) McClennan
b) Eisenhower
c) McAilluffe
d) MacArthur

Which of these countries is NOT a member of the Axis Powers?
a) Germany
b) Italy
c) Belgium
d) Bulgaria

Which country lost the most ARMED FORCES during WWII? (Not civilians)
a) United States of America
b) Soviet Union
c) Germany
d) France

Who was the President of the United States during MOST of WWII?
a) Warren G. Harding
b) Harry Truman
c) Franklin Delano Roosevelt
d) John F. Kennedy

What is the name of the Japanese emperor-god during WWII?
a) Hirohito
b) Manchuria
c) Zeong
d) Godzilla

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