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What is the experimental factor in an experiment called? it is the one you test.
a) dependent variable
b) independent variable
c) control
d) constant

What do we call all the factors that remain the same for all experimental groups in an experiment?
a) constants
b) biases
c) independent variables
d) controls

Timmy tested the effects of water temperature on the amount of oxygen that can be dissolved in the water. What is the dependent variable?
a) the water temperature
b) the amount of water
c) There is no dependent variable shown in the example.
d) the amount of oxygen dissolved

Experiments to find the best weed killer were run simultaneously. Experiment A used 1000 acres of fields. Experiment B used 200 acres of field. Which results will more reliable?
a) A
b) B
c) The will both be reliable.
d) Neither will be reliable.

Which of the following are important for gathering good data?
a) The data should be specific.
b) The data is repeatable.
c) The data is detailed.
d) All of the above.

Research was done to determine the effect of fertilizer on surface water such as ponds. Which of the following would most likely show bias?
a) A scientist from an independent lab checking the results of the study.
b) A scientist from the fertilizer company's own lab releasing the results of the study.
c) Farmers who use the fertilizer evaluating the data that has been reported.
d) Consumers who eat the produce reading an article written about the study.

Which of the following is not considered a model?
a) apple
b) map
c) drawing
d) recipe

Which statement is true of experiments?
a) It is important to make a conclusion before you run your experiment.
b) If something doesn't look right, it is okay to change the data to make it match your hypothesis.
c) It is important to test only one variable at a time.
d) When running an experiment try to use the smallest sample size that you can.

What must all scientists do immediately after they collect their data?
a) Draw a conclusion.
b) Make a new hypothesis.
c) Make more observations.
d) Analyze the data carefully.

In an experiment concerning the amount of sunlight on plant growth, all groups received the same water, fertilizer, and soil conditions. What are these called?
a) controls
b) constants
c) experimental factors
d) independent variables

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