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What are the two coenzymes or electron carriers used in aerobic respiration?
a) FADH2 and ADP
b) NADH and FADH2
c) ADP and NADH
d) ADP and CO2

Which is the main product of glycolysis?
a) glucose
b) oxaloacetate
c) pyruvate
d) acetyl co-A

Which is the main reactant in the Kreb cycle?
a) glucose
b) oxaloacetate
c) pyruvate
d) acetyl co-A

Where does glycolysis occur
a) the cytoplasm
b) the mitochondria
c) the mitochondrial membrane
d) the chloroplast

What is the electron acceptor at the end of the Electron Transport Chain?
a) CO2
b) O2
c) H2O
d) ATP

What is the intermediate molecule in the Kreb Cycle?
a) citrate
b) oxaloacetate
c) pyruvate
d) acetyl co-A

What is another name for chemiosmosis?
a) glycolysis
b) kreb cycle
c) transition step
d) electron transport chain

Which of the following is NOT a product of the Kreb Cycle?
a) NAD+
b) FADH2
c) oxaloacetate
d) CO2

What are the reactants for the Electron Transport Chain?
a) NAD+ and FAD
b) O2 and FAD and NAD+
c) O2 and FADH2 and NADH
d) O2

Which step in cell respiration is the aerobic step?
a) electron transport chain
b) kreb cycle
c) glycolysis
d) transition step

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