Unit 5 Quiz 2 Review Question Preview (ID: 58571)

Review For Quiz 2.

one thousand, five hundred six
a) 1,506
b) 1,056
c) 5,006
d) 1,605

one thousand, five hundred six
a) 1,000 +500+60
b) 1,000 +500+6
c) 1,000 + 506
d) 1,605

a) 800+70+3
b) 800+70+4
c) 800 +73
d) 800+7+0+3

Solve the following problem 1,678 -173
a) 1,510
b) 1,504
c) 1,505
d) 1,555

At furniture store, a large couch costs $739. A small couch costs $326. Which statement is true?
a) The small couch is more expensive.
b) The large couch is 403 more than the small couch.
c) The total cost of the two couches is $1, 314.
d) The total cost of the two couches is $1,413.

Sally had 1,633 lollipops. She wanted to double her lollipops. How many lollipops would she have?
a) 2,633
b) 3,266
c) 3,290
d) 3,366

a) eight hundred fifty-three
b) eight hundred fiftythree
c) eight hundred and fifty-three
d) eight hundred fifftty-three

Emma has 462 pop-it. She wants to give Aubrey 256 of them. How many pop-its does she have left?
a) 106
b) 216
c) 206
d) 204

1,000 + 300 + 10
a) one thousand, three hundred ten
b) one thousand, three hundred one
c) one thousand, four hundred ten
d) two thousand, three hundred ten

a) one thousand, sixtyseven
b) one thousand, sixty-seven
c) one thousand sixty-seven
d) one thousand sixtyseven

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