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What does the Fujita Scale measure?
a) Wind speed in a hurricane.
b) Damage done by a hurricane.
c) Wind speed in a tornado.
d) Damage done by a tornado.

What is the most powerful storm?
a) Hurricane
b) Thunderstorm
c) Flash Flood
d) Tornado

What conditions produce hurricanes?
a) High pressure system over cold waters.
b) Low pressure system over warm waters.
c) Low pressure system over cold waters.
d) High pressure system over warm waters.

What causes continuous thunder?
a) When there are winds > 89km/h
b) When the lightning bolt touches the ground.
c) When the air around the lighting bolt cools.
d) When a lightning bolt is above 30,000 degrees Celsius.

Tornadoes and hail are possible during which of the following?
a) Thunderstorm
b) Tsunami
c) Hurricane
d) Severe Thunderstorm

Tornadoes move in which direction?
a) SW to NE
b) SE to NW
c) NE to SW
d) NW to SE

Before a tornado touches the ground it is called a...
a) Nimbus Cloud
b) Thunder Cloud
c) Cumulus Cloud
d) Funnel Cloud

When a hurricane reaches land fall which of the following happen?
a) It creates more rain.
b) It gains energy.
c) It loses energy.
d) It causes tornadoes.

Which cloud type is best know for creating thunderstorms?
a) Nimbostratus
b) Cumulonimbus
c) Altocumulus
d) Cirrionimbus

What storm is violent whirling wind that moves in a narrow path?
a) Tornado
b) Tsunami
c) Flash Flood
d) Hurricane

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