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Which court case established the "separate but equal"?
a) Brown v. the Board of Education
b) Plessy v. Ferguson
c) Bakke v. the University of California
d) California Proposition 209

Whicih court case struck down the "separate but equal"?
a) Brown v. the Board of Education
b) Dred Scott Decision
c) Bakke v. the University of California
d) Plessy v. Ferguson

Which Civil Rights Activists believed in achieving equality through peaceful means?
a) Malcolm X and WEB DuBois
b) Malcolm X and Booker T. Washington
c) Martin Luther King Jr. and WEB DuBois
d) Maritn Luther King Jr and Booker T. Washington

Which Civil Rights activist fought for the rights of agricultural workers to unionize?
a) Martin Luther King Jr.
b) Malcolm X
c) Betty Friedan
d) Cesar Chavez

Who wrote the book the Feminine Mystique?
a) Betty Friedan
b) Gloria Allred
c) Sandra Day O'Connor
d) Mother Jones

Which book called for women to question their roles in society?
a) Pleasantville
b) The Role of Women
c) Down with Men
d) Feminine Mystique

Which organization pushed for equality of gender?
c) Women's Liberation
d) NOW

Which policy ended racial and gender discrimination?
a) Civil Rights Act of 1962
b) Fourteenth Amendment
c) Civil Rights Act of 1964
d) Gulf of Tonkin Resolution

Which event showed that our system of cheicks and balances work?
a) The Cold War
b) The Watergate Affair
c) Reagan's Star Wars Policy
d) The decline of the hippie movement

NOW helped this President win the election of 1980.
a) Richard Nixon
b) Jimmy Carter
c) Ronald Reagan
d) George Bush Sr.

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