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Which war ended up in the division of the country at the 38th parallel?
b) The Cold War
c) The Korean War
d) The Vietnam WAr

Which below was a "witch hunt' to find communists in the US?
a) The Cold War
b) McCarthyism
c) The Hollywood Ten
d) The Black List

Which means to "stop the spread of communism"?
a) containment
b) McCarthyism
c) Vietnamization
d) Domino Theory

What do the Truman Doctrine, Marshall Plan, and Eisenhower Doctrine have in common?
a) They prevent the spread of communism
b) They all give money to countries in Europe
c) They all pledge the avoidance of nuclear war
d) They protect democratic Latin America

Which showed a US failure to overthrow the Cuban government?
a) Vietnam War
b) Columbian Revolution
c) Bay of Pigs
d) 13 Days

What agreement ended with the US promising to remove its missiels out of Turkey?
a) The Cold War
b) Cuban Missile Crisis
c) Vietnam War
d) Korean War

Which war showed that US military superiority does not always guarantee victory?
a) WWI
c) The Cold War
d) Vietnam War

Which act gave the President a "blank check" to wage and send troops to war?
a) War Powers Act of 1964
b) Civil Rights Act of 1964
c) Domino Theory
d) Gulf of Tonkin Resolution

Why were people angry about the Gulf of Tonkin Resoultion?
a) it sent money to Vietnam to prevent the spread of communism.
b) It caused thousands of men to be drafted and sent to Vietnam
c) it allowed the President to spend unlimited funds
d) It created the hippie movement

Which act repealed the Gulf of Tonkin Resolution, placing limits on the President?
a) Civil Rights Act of 1964
b) Medicare
c) Vietnamization Agreement
d) War Powers Act of 1964

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