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Which of the following is NOT a cause of the Great Depression?
a) Buying stock on the margin
b) Banks playing the stock market
c) The Dust Bowl
d) Prohibition

Which of the following is NOT a cause of the Dust Bowl?
a) Overproduction of crops
b) High winds
c) droughts
d) high mortages

Which of the following accurately describes the actions of Hoover and FDR?
a) FDR relied on vollunteerism, Hoover relied on government regulation
b) Hoover relied on volunteerism, FDR relied on government regulation
c) Both presidents encouraged government regulation of businesses
d) Neither president encouraged government regulation of businesses

Which program was established by FDR to get the US out of the Depression?
a) Truman Doctrine
b) The New Deal
c) Fourteenth Amendment
d) Bank Repossesison Act

After which battle allowed the US to island hop in the Pacific?
a) Battle of Okinawa
b) Pearl Harbor
c) Battle of Midway
d) Battle of the Coral Sea

Which of the following accrately describes the relationship between FDR and the public/
a) FDR and American citizens both wanted to join WWII.
b) FDR and American citizens both did not want to join WWII.
c) FDR wanted to join the war but Ameicans did not.
d) Americans wanted to join the war but FDR did not.

Which describes the US military strategies during WWII?
a) Island hopping in Europe, D-Day in the Pacific
b) Island hopping in the Pacific, D-Day in Europe
c) Blitzkrieg in Europe, Island hopping in the Pacific
d) Trench warfare in Europe, Island hopping in the Pacific

Which of the following American citizens gained more equality duirng WWII?
a) Japanese Americans
b) Women and minorities
c) White men in the military
d) German Americans

Why did Truman drop the bomb on Japan?
a) Japan was making nuclear weapons
b) To end the war quicker and save American lives
c) To prevent Stalin from taking Japan first
d) To break the alliance with Hitler

Which policy DOES NOT show US aide to help the allies during WWII?
a) Neutrality Acts
b) Cash and Carry Act
c) Lend Lease Act
d) Open Door Policy

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