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Taxonomy is the science of ____________________________.
a) cateorizing dissection instruments
b) filing income taxes
c) describing insects in a rain forest
d) classifying and naming organisms

All of the following characteristics are used to group organisms EXCEPT __________________.
a) ability to make food
b) ability to taste
c) number of cells
d) ability to move

Organisms that DO NOT have a true NUCLEUS are described as _____________________.
a) eukaryotic
b) prokaryotic
c) unicellular
d) multicellular

The modern classification system that we use today was developed by ______________________.
a) Mendel
b) Linnaeus
c) Franklin
d) Aristole

The classification group that has the largest number of organisms with the greatest variety of traits is ________________________.
a) genus
b) kingdom
c) species
d) family

A specific group of similar organisms that can mate and produce fertile offspring is called a
a) kingdom
b) species
c) genus
d) phylum

An organism that is a prokaryote that lives in extreme environments will be classified into the Kingdom ______________.
a) animal
b) archaea
c) bacteria
d) plant

An organism that can not move and can not make its own food is in the ____________ kingdom.
a) animal
b) fungi
c) protist
d) plant

An example of an organism with radial symmetry is:
a) butterfly
b) spider
c) starfish
d) octopus

Which phylum contains vertebrates? (See chart in lab book page 62)
a) Echinoderms
b) Chordates
c) Arthropods
d) Cnidarians

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