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A material that has a net electric charge because it
a) a. discharges.
b) b. has an alternating current
c) c. has an excess or shortage of electrons.
d) d. has a direct current.

Static electricity is the study of
a) buildup of charge.
b) electric discharges.
c) electric field.
d) all of the above.

A strong electric field is
a) a. directed toward a charge
b) b. directed away from a charge.
c) c. caused by a large quantity of charge.
d) d. caused by a small quantity of charge.

What is a material called that easily carries a current?
a) a. insulator
b) b. semiconductor
c) c. electric potential
d) d. conductor

A superconducting material
a) a. requires very high current.
b) b. has no resistance at room temperature.
c) c. has no resistance at low temperatures.
d) d. has high resistance at low temperatures.

What does Ohm's law states?
a) a. Current equals voltage times resistance.
b) b. Voltage equals resistance divided by current.
c) c. Voltage equals current divided by resistance.
d) d. Voltage equals current times resistance.

Which melts to protect a circuit?
a) a. three-prong plug
b) b. wiring
c) c. diode
d) d. fuse

What does "I" represent in the equation P = I x V?
a) a. voltage
b) b. resistance
c) c. current
d) d. kilowatts

The output of a diode can be
a) a. direct current
b) b. a superconductor
c) c. resistance
d) d. alternating current

Three layers of semiconductor material can form
a) a. a transistor only
b) b. a diode only
c) c. either a transistor or a diode
d) d. neither a transistor or a diode

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