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During a thunderstorm, what should you NOT do?
a) eat ice cream
b) play in your treehouse
c) do your homework
d) stay away from windows

Wind speed can be measured by __________________.
a) the Beaufort Wind Scale
b) the Hatcher Wind Scale
c) a thermometer
d) a wind sock

What could you use to measure precipitation?
a) an old shoe
b) a thermometer
c) a rain gauge
d) a teaspoon

A _____________________ measures how hot or cold something is.
a) a rain gauge
b) wind vane
c) Beafort Wind Scale
d) thermometer

What SHOULD you DO if a tornado has been spotted in your area?
a) go outside to take a closer look
b) stay in your room, under your bed
c) go to a hallway or room with no windows
d) watch television in your living room to see what's going on

Wind direction can be measured by _______________________.
a) a compass
b) a GPS
c) a thermometer
d) a wind sock

What is the safest thing to if a hurricane is predicted to hit your area?
a) Evacuate to a safer location
b) get in your attic so you won't be washed away
c) stay in your hallway with no windows until it passes
d) hit the beach to catch some waves

We usually see temperature measured in _______________.
a) degrees Fahrenheit
b) degrees Celsius
c) pounds
d) milliters

What is a safe thing to do during a thunderstorm?
a) talk with your friends on the phone
b) go swimming at your neighbor's house
c) stay inside and draw or read a book
d) take a shower

Hail, sleet, snow and rain are all forms of __________________.
a) participation
b) precipitation
c) humidity
d) the Beaufort Wind Scale

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