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Why are the gills red?
a) You can see the blood from the capillaries.
b) You can see the blood from the veins.
c) You can see the blood from the arteries.
d) That is the color of the gills, it has nothing to do with blood.

Which is a jawless fish?
a) great white shark
b) sail fish
c) hagfish
d) ocean sunfish

Which is a jawless fish?
a) lungfish
b) lamprey
c) asian carp
d) sea horse

What sense organ is used to detect vibrations in the water?
a) nostrils
b) liver
c) swim bladder
d) lateral line

Which animal is an ectotherm?
a) mako shark
b) skunk
c) robin
d) mouse

This term means regulating the temperature of the animal internally.
a) ectotherm
b) endotherm
c) spawning
d) ichthyology

Which animal is not a vertebrate?
a) sea urchin
b) frog
c) turtle
d) bird

Which animal is not a vertebrate?
a) eel
b) hagfish
c) star fish
d) shark

What percentage of fish are bony fish?
a) 75%
b) 85%
c) 90%
d) 95%

An example of a lobe-finned fish would be....
a) trout
b) asian carp
c) lungfish
d) goldfish

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