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What does figurative meaning mean?
a) A deeper meaning that can relate to the reader's own life.
b) A poem that has lots of figurative language.
c) A meaning that a poem has on the surface.
d) A poem that does not have much figurative language.

Which is an example of a hyperbole?
a) Sam sat down and ate a slimy sandwich.
b) He went to the big apple.
c) I have 100 hours of homework to do just for reading class tonight!
d) I ate like a pig last night.

Which is an example of an idiom?
a) I think I need a bigger box
b) He acts like such an idiot.
c) I have told you a million times that your paper is due tomorrow.
d) Break a leg.

What does imagery add to poetry?
a) Adds details that add no extra meaning to the poem.
b) Makes the poems shorter in length.
c) Add details the reader can picture in their head.
d) Adds figurative language like similes and metaphors.

What is the definition of irony?
a) What is expected to occur, it is a funny event.
b) The difference between what expected to happen and what actually occurs.
c) Time to have comic relief.
d) When someone does something that is sad.

If I asked you to find the literal meaning of a sentence you would look for?
a) What the words actually mean, not looking deeper.
b) Looking deeper, beyond what the words mean.
c) Adding your own experience into the sentence.
d) Adding the author's experince into the sentence.

What is the main idea of a poem?
a) A deeper meaning of the poem.
b) The minor details of the poem.
c) A summary of the poem.
d) The central idea.

What is a metaphor?
a) A comparison using like or as.
b) A comparison between two unlike things using like or as.
c) A comparison between two unlike things that doesn't use like or as.
d) A comparison between two simlar things.

What does meter do for a poem?
a) Adds rhythm, a beat.
b) Adds rhyming.
c) Adds a depressed mood.
d) Adds a childlike quality.

Which of the following is an example of onomatopoeia?
a) Sam and Ginny are friends.
b) Sam yelled at Ginny
c) Ginny's books crashed to the floor with a thud.
d) Sam and Ginny quietly walk down the hall at school.

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