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A mineral mined for titanium
a) bauxite
b) galena
c) hematite
d) rutile

Minerals that contain a beautiful substance
a) ores
b) luster
c) fractures
d) gems

Which one is a silicate mineral?
a) halite
b) gold
c) quartz
d) calcite

Which is not a crystal shape?
a) cubic
b) monoclinic
c) linear
d) hexagonal

A salt crystal is what shape?
a) cubic
b) monoclinic
c) linear
d) hexagonal

One of the softest minerals is...
a) amethyst
b) gold
c) graphite
d) talc

one important use for titanium is...
a) pop cans
b) cooking equipment
c) steel
d) artificial body parts

What element is graphite and diamond composted of?
a) carbon
b) oxygen
c) hydrogen
d) sodium

Which mineral is magnetic?
a) halite
b) sulfur
c) magnetite
d) calcite

Which answer shows minerals going from softest to hardest?
a) gold, talc, feldspar, quartz, diamond
b) talc, gold, feldspar, quartz, diamond
c) talc, gold, quartz, diamond, feldspar
d) told, talc, feldspar, diamond, quartz

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