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An interest inventory may indicate that the student:
a) can play basketball well
b) has good handwriting
c) likes to work with people
d) would be a good bricklayer

Natural or acquired skills or talents describe a person’s:
a) goals
b) values
c) standards
d) abilities

Learned abilities to perform tasks or duties of various occupations are:
a) workplace ethics
b) SCANS skills
c) postsecondary training
d) lifelong learning

Learning through the use of language in reading and writing is which learning preference?
a) kinesthetic
b) logical
c) spatial
d) linguistic

SCANS Basic Skills include
a) recording
b) reading
c) thinking
d) interpreting

A person who wants to be successful values:
a) achievement
b) compassion
c) responsibility
d) relationships

Which is an aptitude?
a) humor
b) dexterity
c) loyalty
d) kindness

SCANS Thinking Skills include:
a) problem solving
b) reading
c) sociability
d) speaking

SCANS Interpersonal qualities include:
a) creativity
b) knowing how to learn
c) listening
d) social skills

A positive self-concept is characterized by:
a) always being happy
b) easily overcoming self-doubt
c) frequent periods of depression
d) always making good grades in school

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