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A test that identifies interests and likes that can lead to possible career choices is a/an:
a) interpersonal inventory
b) learning style inventory
c) interest inventory
d) intrapersonal inventory

Someone who likes to draw or build things probably has a:
a) musical learning preference
b) spatial learning preference
c) linguistic learning preference
d) logical learning preference

Working to gain appreciation and reward from others shows value for:
a) responsibility
b) recognition
c) creativity
d) prestige

Which reason would a carpenter, farmer, or brick mason most likely give for working?
a) compassion
b) prestige
c) sense of achievement
d) personal development

Which reason would an artist, musician, or dancer most likely give for working?
a) earn money
b) social satisfaction
c) prestige
d) self expression

Learning by doing experiments, working with numbers and participating in problem solving identifies which kind of learner?
a) interpersonal
b) logical mathmatical
c) natural
d) spatial

If an individual learns best by sharing, comparing, and likes having a lot of friends, his/her dominate learning preference is:
a) linguistic
b) intrapersonal
c) spatial
d) interpersonal

Those that learn best by pursuing interests through an individual pace have which learning preference?
a) kinesthetic
b) intrapersonal
c) logical
d) musical

Responsibility, compassion, and security are all examples of:
a) talents
c) interests
d) work values

One of the three broad categories of career interests is:
a) people
b) computers
c) automobiles
d) agriculture

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