Church History - Content Check 6 Question Preview (ID: 58120)

Content Check 6.

At one time, how many was the most elected popes did we have ruling at the same time?
a) One
b) Two
c) Three
d) Four

The belief that a council of bishops should supersede the pope’s authority in dire circumstances is called what?
a) Conciliarism
b) Ecumenism
c) Tribunalism
d) Military Junta

The monasteries could not reform as much in the Middle Ages because
a) Too many died from plagues and wars
b) They were all taking a vow of silence
c) Not enough vocations
d) They were all busy in missionary lands

An office in the Church is called a(n)
a) Station
b) Assignment
c) Benefice
d) Mandate

The Black death killed about how many people in Europe
a) 25,000
b) 25,000,000
c) 25,000,000,000
d) 250

Renaissance means what?
a) Remarriage
b) Rebirth
c) Rebuild
d) Redraw

Payments releasing a petitioner from the requirements of canon law are called what?
a) Indulgences
b) Dispensations
c) Interdicts
d) Blood Money

Pluralism means what
a) Saying too many Masses in one day
b) More than one office in the Church can perform a particular sacrament
c) Having too many elected Popes at the same time
d) One man can hold more than one office in the Church

During the Middle ages Wars
a) Happened alot
b) Never happened
c) Only happened outside Europe
d) Were only against Vikings

On the whole, during this time, Popes were more concerned for
a) Spiritual things rather than political ones
b) Political things rather than spiritual
c) Political and Spiritual things
d) Neither political or spiritual things

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