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What does a slide layout do?
a) arrange design elements
b) sequence slides in different order
c) change borders
d) create presentation based on questions

What controls the flow of information on a slide?
a) transitions
b) animations
c) bullets
d) text boxes

A feature that lets the user keep typing when the end of a line is reached by automatically moving words to the next line is called...
a) scrolling
b) word wrap
c) block movements
d) spell check

The word processing feature that moves text to the next line when striking the Return/Enter key is called...
a) tabbing
b) hanging indent
c) word wrap
d) hard return

The type of software that controls the internal operations of the computer is called...
a) shareware
b) operating system software
c) application software
d) public domain software

Windows 2000, Windows XP, MAC OS X are...
a) office applications
b) brands of computers
c) software applications
d) operating systems

What does rsmith represent in [email protected]?
a) domain
b) host
c) user's name
d) address

Graphic images that can be added to a publication are called...
a) fonts
b) clip art
c) AVI
d) WAV

What is the combination of text, graphics, animation, video, and audio called?
a) communications
b) internet browser
c) multimedia
d) clip art

When locating information on the Internet, the most efficient strategy of searching is...
a) Boolean
b) scrolling
c) hyperlinks
d) time consuming

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