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How are acrostic poems constructed?
a) By writing a word down the page and writing phrases that start with each letter.
b) By creating a poem so that each word starts with the next letter in the alphabet.
c) By creating a poem in the shape of the subject.
d) By rhyming words at the end of lines.

What are ballads know for having?
a) Has more than one meaning.
b) Tells the story of someone's life.
c) A repeated refrain, tells a legend or story.
d) A lot of figurative language.

Bio poem tell about?
a) The environment around the poet.
b) Biology.
c) Another person.
d) A person's own life.

ABC poems do what?
a) Write words in alphabetical order.
b) Write about a person.
c) Sing the abc\'s.
d) Write about the alphabet.

Concrete poems are most well-known for what?
a) Tell about something.
b) Talking about an object.
c) Creating a poem in the shape of the poem's subject.
d) Have one meaning.

What is special about an allegory?
a) Has one meaning.
b) Has only a surface meaning.
c) Has only a deeper meaning.
d) It has a surface meaning and a deeper meaning.

Haiku poems write about?
a) People
b) Stress
c) Life
d) Nature

Haiku's follow what syllable form?
a) 5-7-5
b) 5-8-7
c) 5-5-5
d) 7-5-7

Limericks are popular because
a) They can be funny.
b) The subject is interesting.
c) The mood.
d) The meter is da da dum

What is special about free verse poems?
a) They do not cost anything.
b) Does not follow any particular pattern.
c) They have a meter.
d) They have rhyme and unrhymed lines in a set pattern.

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