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What part of the flower contains pollen?
a) anther
b) ovule
c) petal
d) stigma

Which parts make up the stamen (male part)?
a) stigma and style
b) petal and receptacle
c) ovary and ovule
d) filament and anther

Which parts make up the pistil (female part)?
a) anther and filament
b) petal and receptacle
c) stigma, style, ovary, ovule
d) nectary and sepal

Which is not a characteristic of a monocot?
a) branched leaf veins
b) one seed part
c) scattered vascular tissue
d) flower parts in groups of 3

Xylem carries
a) nutrients
b) pollen
c) water
d) nectar

Which of these is a challenge that plants had to overcome in order to move on land?
a) drying out
b) reproduction
c) getting water and nutrients
d) all of these

Which of these use a cone to help with reproduction?
a) gymnosperm
b) angiosperm
c) monocot
d) dicot

a) have cells that are prokaryotic
b) do not do photosynthesis
c) are unicellular
d) reproduce sexually

The stomata in a leaf
a) lets in oxygen
b) lets in carbon dioxide
c) transports water
d) transports nutrients

The cuticle
a) helps to avoid drying out
b) aids with reproduction
c) is a vascular tissue
d) opens and closes the stomata

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