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An animal that has a backbone is referred to as a
a) Homosapien
b) brave
c) Vertebrate
d) Mollusk

Camouflage can be defined as:
a) An adaptation that allows an animal to look like it\'s surroundings
b) Similar cells that have the same job or function
c) a green, brown, and black jacket people wear to hunt
d) An adaptation that allows an animal to look like some other animal.

Mimicry is referred to as:
a) an organism that has no backbone.
b) An adaptation that allows an animal to look like some other animal
c) similar cells that have the same job or function.
d) a bird call that sounds like the call of other birds.

An example of the group \
a) a flatworm
b) a sponge
c) a spider
d) a snail

an example of the \
a) a wolf
b) a buffalo
c) a snail
d) a whale

An organism that would be part of the \
a) snow leopard
b) sponge
c) sea aneomone
d) seal

An example of an invertebrate would be
a) Great white shark
b) King Cobra snake
c) Lion
d) sponge

One of the main differences between reptiles and amphibians is that:
a) amphibians have scales and reptiles do not.
b) reptiles have scales and amphibians do not.
c) they both live in water.
d) reptiles are scary and amphibians are not.

a) erer
b) rerer
c) rere
d) rerer

a) rwefsdf
b) sdfgsdf
c) sdrfr
d) werwer

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