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What instrument records earthquake waves?
a) seismograph
b) seismogram
c) barometer
d) Richter scale

During an earthquake, the ground surface ____.
a) can move in any direction
b) moves only in a vertical direction
c) moves only in a horizontal direction
d) does not move

What is the minimum number of seismic stations that is needed to determine the location of an earthquake\'s epicenter?
a) 3
b) 4
c) 2
d) 1

An earthquake\'s epicenter is ____.
a) the place on the surface directly above the focus
b) the spot below the focus
c) a spot halfway between the focus and the surface
d) any spot along the nearest fault

When an earthquake occurs, energy radiates in all directions from its source, which is called the ____.
a) focus
b) seismic center
c) fault
d) epicenter

Why do earthquakes often cause damaging fires?
a) Earthquake vibrations can break gas lines, water lines, and electrical lines.
b) Tsunamis from earthquakes generate enough heat to start fires.
c) Magma from deep underground escapes through faults.
d) Lightning strikes are common during earthquakes.

The San Francisco earthquake of 1906 occurred along what fault?
a) the San Andreas fault
b) the California fault
c) the San Francisco fault
d) the Pacific fault

Most of the active volcanoes on Earth are located in a belt known as the ____.
a) Ring of Fire
b) Ring of Lava
c) East African Rift Valley
d) circum-Atlantic belt

Volcanic island arcs like Japan are associated with what type of plate boundary?
a) convergent oceanic-oceanic boundary
b) convergent continental-continental boundary
c) divergent boundary
d) convergent oceanic-continental boundary

The igneous activity in Yellowstone National Park, in the middle of our continent, is associated with what tectonic setting?
a) hot spot
b) convergent oceanic-oceanic plate boundary
c) divergent plate boundary
d) convergent oceanic-continental plate boundary

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