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The volcanic landform that is formed when the more resistant volcanic pipe remains after most of the cone has been eroded is called a ____.
a) volcanic neck
b) caldera
c) lahar
d) volcanic vent

As the temperature of lava increases, ____.
a) its viscosity decreases
b) it begins to harden
c) its viscosity increases
d) it can flow a much shorter distance

Which of the following is true about cinder cones?
a) all of these
b) They usually only erupt once.
c) They are usually less than 300 meters high (small for a volcano).
d) They often occur in groups.

Highly explosive volcanoes tend to have what type of magma?
a) magma with high viscosity, and higher gas content
b) magma with high viscosity, and no gas content
c) magma with high viscosity, and lower gas content
d) magma with low viscosity, and lower gas content

Pyroclastic flow:
a) all of these
b) is made of gas and dust at 500 degrees Celcius
c) moves 150 miles per hour
d) is very deadly

The most violent volcanic eruptions are associated with what type of volcano?
a) composite cones
b) cinder cones
c) shield volcanoes
d) fissure eruptions

The broad, slightly dome-shaped volcanoes of Hawaii are ____.
a) shield volcanoes
b) pyroclastic volcanoes
c) cinder cones
d) composite cone

The Hawaiian Islands were formed when the Pacific Plate moved over ____.
a) a hot spot
b) an ocean ridge
c) the Aleutian Plate
d) a subduction zone

Crater Lake in Oregon was produced when ____.
a) the summit of a volcano collapsed
b) a lava dam blocked a river
c) a large explosion blew out the side of a large volcano
d) a lava flow erupted from a volcano

What type of lava flows?
a) pahoehoe flow
b) pyroclastic flow
c) ash flow
d) aa flow

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