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To ratify means to officially
a) approve
b) change
c) add
d) veto

The person who heads each department of the government is called
a) cabinet
b) secretary
c) executive
d) administrator

All of the officials together who head the different departments of government are the
a) cabinet
b) secretaries
c) administrators
d) drawers

Both the state government and the federal government have the power to
a) declare war.
b) run the post office.
c) set up schools.
d) pass laws and collect taxes.

A group of people who share similar ideas about government is called a
a) political party.
b) boring party.
c) cabinet party.
d) politics party.

Additions to the Constitution are called
a) bills.
b) laws.
c) amendments.
d) add-ons.

It is __________ to amend the Constitution.
a) hard
b) easy
c) fun
d) slimy

The Constitution ________ people\'s rights.
a) takes away
b) disrespects
c) listens to
d) protects

Who shares power in a federal system of government?
a) the federal government and state governments
b) the people and the central government
c) the federal government and the people
d) the federal government and the central government

The Supreme Court has the power to
a) decide if the laws passed are constitutional or unconstitutional.
b) declare war.
c) override vetoes.
d) pass laws.

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