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In a stable nucleus, the attractive forces are ___ the repulsive forces
a) weaker than
b) stronger than
c) cancelled out by
d) equal to

during fission, some of the nuclear mass is converted into
a) energy
b) heavier nuculei
c) critical mass
d) protons

in nuclear fission ____losses in mass produce ______ amounts of energy
a) small, small
b) large, large
c) large, small
d) small, large

a nuclear chain reaction occurs when excess ____ collides with other nuclei
a) protons
b) neutrons
c) nuclei
d) gamma rays

fusion produces ___ nuclei
a) same sized
b) smaller
c) larger
d) all of the answers are correct

which of the following is not a source of natural background radiation
a) the sun
b) x ray machines
c) rocks
d) soil

a persons exposure to radiation can be affected by
a) where he/she lives
b) what his/her job is
c) whether he/she smokes
d) all of the answers are correct

which of the following is a advantage of nuclear energy as a power source?
a) nuclear waste is not radioactive
b) nuclear plants are low in cost
c) nuclear energy does not produce air pollution
d) nuclear waste can be stored anywhere

which of the following is a diadvantage of nuclear energy as a power source?
a) nuclear energy produces less energy thaqn the burning of coal
b) nuclear energy produces air pollution
c) nuclear waste must be safely stored
d) the fuel source is very limited

the nuclear power used for electricity is produced by
a) fusion
b) fission
c) a chemical reaction
d) radon gas

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