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Alpha particles
a) are positively charged
b) consist of two protons and four neutrons
c) can penetrate any thickness of matter
d) all of the answers are correct

The type of nuclear radiation that can penetrate farthest through matter is called
a) radons
b) gamma rays
c) neutron emission
d) none of the answers are correct

as beta particle ionize atoms, they
a) lose energy
b) gain energy
c) neither lose nor gain energy
d) none of the answers are correct

In E=mc2, c stands for
a) carbon
b) total energy
c) the speed of light
d) the size of the particle

radon gas is produced
a) by smoking cigarettes
b) by nuclear power plants
c) through radio active decay or uranium 238 in the Earths crust
d) as a result of rotting wood in the basesment

small radioactive sources that are present in smoke detectors release
a) alpha particles
b) beta particles
c) gamma rays
d) neutrons

which of the following occurs in the nucleus during alpha decay
a) two neutron and two electrons are gained
b) two neutron and two electrons are lost
c) two protons and two neutrons are gained
d) two protons and two neutrons are lost

what changes in the nucleus during nuclear decay by gamma rays
a) energy content
b) atomic mass
c) atomic number
d) all of the above

archaeologists use the half life of ____ to date organic materials
a) carbon 12
b) atomic mass
c) carbon 14
d) uranium 238

what holds protons and nuetrons together in a nucleus
a) like charges attracting
b) like charges repelling
c) strong nuclear force
d) atomic mass

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