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What is the thickest layer of the earth?
a) mantle
b) sun set
c) innercore
d) crust

What is a chant for area?
a) the sides you add up
b) LxCxNxK
c) LxW
d) A-R-E-A the squares inside you count hey

What is the water cycle?
a) evap. conden. pre. sub.
b) sun, moon, stars in the sky glow
c) crust, mantle, layer of the earth
d) evaporation, condensation, sublimation, precipitation,

How do you write 222,222 in expanded form?
a) 20383, 80742
b) two thousand, eight hundred seveny - three
c) 222,222
d) 200,000+ 20,000+ 2,000+ 200+20+2

What number is in the millions place? 528,822,428
a) 2
b) 9
c) 4
d) 8

What is a simile?
a) You runs so fastest you fainted.
b) A snake crawled up a girls skirt and bit her leg.
c) You are as pretty as a model.
d) You run so slow a turtle passed you!!!!!

Which phrase is alliteration?
a) Silly Sally sold snakes.
b) Bob hunts animals.
c) Fred is a gold fish.
d) Three Little Pigs swam as fast as a little boy walking a mile.

What is the product? 24x12=
a) 480
b) 842
c) 288
d) 689

Which of the answers below is 1/2 of a dollar?
a) $6.20
b) $0.50
c) $120.00
d) $1,350.00

What system are the lungs in?
a) respiratory
b) urinary
c) trachea
d) orval cavity

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