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All of the following are examples of how the Cold War was fought except:
a) use of nuclear weapons
b) espionage
c) propaganda
d) proxy wars

Ho Chi Minh was a
a) Korean nationalist
b) Vietnamese nationalist
c) Cuban nationalist
d) Chinese nationalist

All of the following are reasons why the Soviet Union fell except:
a) war in Afghanistan
b) perestroika and glasnost
c) Marshall Plaln aid
d) nationalist

Prior to the 1980’s, the emphasis of the Five-Year Plans in the Soviet Union was on heavy industry. One result was the
a) scarcity of consumer goods
b) abundance of manufactured goods
c) rejection of agricultural planning
d) decline in military spending

Which is generally a characteristic of a communist economy?
a) investment is encouraged by the promise of large profits
b) the role of government in the economy is restricted by law
c) government agencies are involved in production planning
d) entrepreneurs sell shares in their companies to the government

One reason the Soviet Union formed the Warsaw Pact was to
a) ease the transition to democracy
b) help institute capitalism in Eastern Europe
c) limit the threat of invasion from Western Europe
d) challenge the economic successes of the Common Market

Which statement best describes most Eastern European countries immediately after World War II? They
a) adopted democratic reforms in their political systems
b) became satellite states of the Soviet Union
c) became dependent on aid provided by the Marshall Plan
d) emerged as world economic powers

In the Soviet Union, a negative aspect of the Cold War Era was the
a) attempt to preserve democratic ideals
b) development of peaceful uses for modern technology
c) development of effective means of international cooperation
d) high cost of maintaining the arms race

The Soviet Union’s reaction to the 1968 revolt in Czechoslovakia was to
a) permit limited political and economic reforms in Czechoslovakia
b) withdraw Soviet troops from Eastern Europe
c) send Soviet troops to occupy Czechoslovakia
d) bring the matter to the attention of the United Nations

United States involvement in the Vietnam War and the Soviet Union’s involvement in Afghanistan were motivated mainly by a desire to
a) exploit the mineral resources of the regions
b) support governments that would remain strong allies
c) stop the expansion of Japan into the Middle East
d) establish independent nation-states in the regions

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