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Which of the following questions is true concerning incarceration rates in America?
a) Southern states overall have the highest rates in America
b) Northern states overall have the highest rates in America
c) The highest incarceration rates are scattered in America
d) Texas has the highest incarceration rate of all the states

How does the incarceration rate of the U.S. compare to other countries?
a) The U.S. has the lowest incarceration rate of all countries.
b) The U.S. has about the same incarceration rate of other countries.
c) The U.S. has the highest incarceration rate of all countries.
d) None of the above are true

The majority of state inmates are:
a) White males
b) Black males
c) Hispanic males
d) Women

What is one difference between state and federal inmates?
a) Federal inmates in general have attained higher levels of education than state inmates
b) Men make up a larger percentage of state inmates than federal inmates
c) Federal inmates are more likely to have never been married than state inmates
d) A very small percentage of state inmates were working before they were arrested, whereas a large

About what percent of state inmates do not have a high school diploma?
a) 20%
b) 50%
c) 70%
d) 90%

Which of the following assumptions can be made about state inmates?
a) State inmates are overall aging and have a high median age
b) African American males are over-represented in state prisons
c) Most state inmates have been married at some point in their lives
d) A large percentage of state inmates were working high-paying jobs before they were arrested

A jail design in which guards constantly walked the “catwalk” to keep an eye on prisoners was known as a:
a) 1st generation design
b) 2nd generation design
c) 3rd generation design
d) 4th generation design

What was a major component of 2nd generation jails?
a) The “catwalk”
b) Direct supervision of inmates by the guards
c) Electronic remote surveillance cameras
d) Absence of barriers between guards and inmates

Research suggests that one type of jail model reduces contraband, poor inmate behavior, destruction of property, assaults, suicides, violence, and escapes. Which type of jail
a) 1st generation jail
b) 2nd generation jail
c) 3rd generation jail
d) 4th generation jail

What type of crime is auto theft?
a) Drug
b) Violent
c) Public Order
d) Property

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