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Howard cut an 80-meter rope into pieces. How long is each piece if they are all the same length? What other information is needed to solve this problem?
a) how much did the rope cost
b) how many pieces was the rope cut into
c) how many knots Howard can tie with the rope
d) how thick the rope was

Bart hit 2 singels, 1 double, and 1 home run at his baseball game. He also made 5 catches. How many hits did Bart get at his baseball game? What information is unnecessary?
a) 5 catches
b) 1 double
c) 2 singles
d) 1 home run

There are 83 students who know how to ride a bike. What is the average number of bike riders per class? What other information is needed to solve the problem?
a) how many classes there are
b) how lond the students have been riding
c) what kind of bikes the students ride
d) how many students do not know how to ride a bike

Hector is buying 3 hip-hop CDs for $14.99 each including tax. He has $50.00. How much change will he receive? What information is NOT necessary in solving this problem?
a) cost for each CD
b) amount of money he has
c) number of CDs being bought
d) type of CDs being bought

John drove 5.5 miles to work, 7.2 mile to the gym, and 0.9 miles to school. How many gallons of gas were used by John's vehicle? What other information is needed?
a) the amount of time John drove
b) the vehicle's average speed
c) the total cost of gasoline
d) the vehicle's miles per gallon

The school sells one pint of milk for $0.75. If 68% of the students buy milk, how many pints of milk does the school need? What other information is needed to solve this problem?
a) the average number of school days each week
b) the total number of students in the school
c) the total amount of money spend on milk
d) the average amount of money spent on milk

Mandy bought 2 shirts for $7.99 each and a skirt for $12.99 at Marian's Store. How much did the clothes cost? What inforrmation is NOT necessary to solve this problem?
a) number of shirts bought
b) price of one shirt
c) price of skirt
d) name of store

Tim's softball team had 23 wins in 2002, 22 wins in 2004, and 18 wins in 2005. How many winds did Tim's softball team have from 2002 to 2005? What other information is needed?
a) the number of losses the team had in 2004
b) the number of players on Tim's softball team
c) the number of wins the team had in 2003
d) the number of losses the team had in 2003

Mrs. Johnson needs 105 tiles to tile her bathroom floor. What was the total cost of the tile? What other information is needed to solve this problem?
a) the price per hour for labor
b) the price for each tile
c) the price for the tile removal
d) the price for tile installation

Jillian bought a skirt that was 25% off the original price. How much did she save? What other information is needed to solve this problem?
a) the amount of sales tax on the skirt
b) the number of skirts on sale
c) the original price of the skirt
d) the amount of money Jillian spent

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