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Water cycles constantly throughout our earth system. Part of the water cycle involves the storage of water. Which of the following is NOT a form of water storage?
a) Rivers and streams.
b) Atmospheric moisture.
c) Snow and Ice.
d) Groundwater.

In what two ways can water move from the land to the atmosphere?
a) Transpiration and evaporation
b) Evaporation and precipitation
c) Precipitation and transpiration
d) Transpiration and dissemination

The movement of rainwater into and out of the ground is called...
a) infiltration and discharge
b) seepage and flow
c) soaking and weeping
d) infiltration and exfiltration

Which of the following best describes the flow of water in Earth's sy - stem?
a) condensation - precipitation - infiltration - storage - transpiration
b) precipitation - condensation - runoff - storage - transpiration
c) evaporation - condensation - precipitation - transpiration - runoff
d) transpiration - precipitation - condensation - runoff - storage

Which of the following best describes the balance of the water cycle on Earth?
a) Precipitation is more over continents and evaporation is more over oceans.
b) Precipitation is more over oceans and evaporation is more over continents.
c) Precipitation is less over continents and more over oceans.
d) Evaporation is equal over continents and oceans.

Which of the following is true of streamflow?
a) Stream velocity concerns distance traveled and stream discharge concerns volume.
b) Stream channel concerns elevation and stream gradient concerns stream path.
c) Stream headwaters concern emptying and stream mouth concerns beginnings.
d) Stream deltas concern water volume and stream discharge concerns sediment deposition.

What is the correct term for smaller streams that flow into larger streams?
a) tributaries
b) inlets
c) branches
d) base waters

The curves in a stream that broaden out to create valleys are called...
a) meanders
b) bends
c) folds
d) bows

Which of the following is the best example of a temporary base level?
a) Where the Broad River flows into Lake Lure and then out again.
b) Where the Mississippi River flows into the ocean.
c) Where Mountain Creek flows into the Broad River.
d) Where the Missouri River flows into the Mississippi River.

Where is the velocity of a stream highest?
a) at the mouth
b) at the headwaters
c) at the stream bed
d) at the stream surface

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