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According to the Bohr model of an atom, which particles are only allowed to exist in a specific energy level?
a) Electrons
b) Both protons and neutrons
c) Neutrons
d) Protons

The line emission spectrum of an atom is caused by the energy that is released when an electron:
a) jumps to a higher energy level from a lower one
b) jumps to a lower energy level from a higher one
c) jumps from ground state to excited state
d) jumps from one atom to another

Which color of ligth in the visible spectrum has the longest wavelength?
a) Yellow
b) Blue
c) Green
d) Red

What is the relationship between wavelength and energy?
a) As energy increases, wavelength increases
b) As energy increases, wavelength decreases
c) As energy increases, wavelength remains the same
d) As energy decreases, wavelength decreases

In the equation c = wavelength x frequency, what does c represent?
a) The amplitude
b) Planck's constant
c) The period
d) The speed of light

Because excited hydrogen atoms always produced the same line-emission spectrum, scientists believed that hydrogen
a) had no electrons
b) did not release energy
c) only released certain amounts of energy
d) could exist only in the ground state

A quantum of energy is the
a) Frequency of electromagnetic energy given off by an atom
b) Wavelength of electromagnetic energy gained by an atom
c) Minimum quantity of energy that can be lost or gained by an atom
d) Continuous spectrum of energy given off by an atom

A form of energy that travels as a wave through space is
a) microwave radiation
b) ultraviolet radiation
c) infrared radiation
d) electromagnetic radiation

Which orbitals can be modeled as dumbell shape?
a) s
b) p
c) d
d) f

What is the correct notation for a sublevel in the first energy level?
a) 1s
b) 1p
c) 1d
d) 1f

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