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__________ and ___________ are utilities essential to your Sims' lives.
a) Police and Fire Department
b) Police and Water
c) Water and Garbage
d) Police and Garbage

The monetary unit (money) of the SimNation is the _________.
a) Sim
b) SimDollar
c) Simoleon
d) Euro

__________ are the citizens of SimCity.
a) Sims
b) Simoleons
c) Dogs
d) Cats

_________ is the money you make in your city.
a) Expenses
b) Expenditures
c) Income
d) Salary

______________ is what you spend your revenue (money earned) on.
a) Income
b) Expenditures
c) Houses
d) Transportation

What is NOT an example of an expenditure?
a) Loans
b) Ordinances
c) Raising and Lowering Taxes
d) Neighboring Deals

What is NOT a way to make money in SimCity?
a) Set ordinances
b) Loans
c) Neighboring Deals
d) Raising and Lowering Taxes

A term used in urban planning for a system of land-use regulations in various parts of the world.
a) Zoning
b) Terrain
c) Subdivision
d) Residential Development

Refers to a list of all planned expenses and revenues
a) Income
b) Expenditures
c) Budget
d) Personal Finances

The tearing-down of buildings and other structures
a) Destroy
b) Damage
c) Demolition
d) Zone

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