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Which of the following is NOT a benefit provided by soil?
a) provides minerals and nutrients for plants
b) can be blown or washed away from its parent rock
c) provides a habitat for animals
d) allows for water storage for plants

Which of water’s properties directly causes mechanical weathering?
a) Water dissolves many minerals.
b) Water can form an acid when combined with some gases.
c) Water expands when it freezes.
d) Water can hold heat longer than soil.

Chemical weathering is most rapid in areas that are
a) hot and dry
b) cold and wet
c) cold and dry
d) warm and wet

Which of the following does NOT directly contribute to the weathering of rocks?
a) wind
b) gravity
c) sunlight
d) water

The decayed plant and animal material in soil is called
a) humus
b) subsoil
c) horizon
d) ventifacts

Rust is the oxidation of
a) water
b) iron
c) nitrogen
d) tin

What is the breakdown of rock into smaller pieces by physical means called?
a) mechanical weathering
b) acid precipitation
c) habitation
d) oxidation

What is it called when softer rocks wear away and leave harder rocks behind?
a) abrasion
b) acidic weathering
c) differential weathering
d) oxidation

What is the removal of substances from soil due to the passing of water called?
a) wedging
b) erosion
c) leaching
d) infiltration

What do we call soil that is blown or washed away from its parent rock?
a) soil
b) transported soil
c) parent rock
d) bedrock

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