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Which of the following statements is true about the Soviet Union and the United States?
a) Both were super powers after World War II
b) Both were members of NATO
c) Both were democratic
d) Both had capitalists economic systems

What do you call the state of tension without actual fighting between the United States and the Soviet Union, which divided the world into two camps?
a) Tension War
b) Cold War
c) World War II
d) Korean War

Which of the following countries were communist?
a) Alaska
b) Japan
c) United States
d) Soviet Union

Which of the following countries had a capitalist economic system?
a) Soviet Union
b) United States
c) China
d) Eastern Germany

Which of the following countries was ran by a dictator?
a) Soviet Union
b) United States
c) West Germany
d) Japan

Which country wanted to set up a policy of containment to stop the spread of communism?
a) Germany
b) Soviet Union
c) United States
d) Russia

What was the mutual defense pact between ten European countries and the U.S. and Canada, that they formed to protect themselves from communist countries?
a) United Nations
b) Warsaw Pact
c) North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO)
d) Marshall Plan

What was the Soviet Union's response to the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO)?
a) They started to form a democratic form of government
b) The sent a nuclear bomb to North America
c) They left the United States
d) They formed the Warsaw Pact

Which country felt that they had total domination over the Eastern European countries that had been liberated?
a) United States
b) Soviet Union
c) Great Britain
d) France

What did the Soviet Union build through Berlin to keep people in East Berlin from going to West Berlin?
a) The Brick Wall of the U.S.S.R.
b) An Iron Curtin
c) The Panama Canal
d) The Berlin Wall

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