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Which of the following identifies the layers of the atmosphere in correct order, beginning with the lowest layer?
a) mesopshere, thremosphere, stratosphere, troposphere
b) thermosphere, stratosphere, troposphere, mesosphere
c) troposphere, stratosphere, mesosphere, thermosphere
d) troposphere, mesosphere, stratosphere, thermosphere

A boundary along which a mass of warm, moist air replaces a mass of cool, dry air is called a(n)
a) air front
b) warm front
c) cold front
d) convection front

The transfer of heat by the movement of currents within a fluid is called....
a) conduction
b) radiation
c) convection
d) entropy

Carbon-containing fuels that formed from the remains of living things are called
a) fossil fuels
b) emissions
c) soot
d) smog

Which of the following is NOT a primary air pollutant?
a) particulate matter
b) lead
c) carbon monoxide
d) sulfuric acid

Acid deposition is caused mainly by
a) dust storms
b) volcanoes
c) burning fossil fuels
d) ozone

A scrubber is a deivce that
a) prevents temperature inversions
b) removes pollutants or changes them chemically before they are released by factories
c) reduces the amount of pollutants released by motor vehicles
d) removes lead from gasoline

The main chemicals responsible for the ozone hole are
a) sulfuric acid and nitric acid
b) volatile organic compounds
c) carbon monoxide and carbon dioxide
d) chlorofluorocarbons

The force exerted by air on the area below it is called (air pressure)
a) True
b) False; front
c) False; temperature inversion
d) False; air mass

The (troposphere) provides living things with oxygen
a) True
b) False; stratosphere
c) False; mesosphere
d) False; thermosphere

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