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When you read a text or a story that contains important information and facts, the authors purpose is to
a) persuade
b) entertain
c) inform
d) make you sad

The person that is TELLING the story is called the:
a) character.
b) narrator.
c) illustrator.
d) foil.

Pictures found on the cover and within a book or text are called
a) illustrations.
b) maps.
c) graphs.
d) charts.

What part of a book would you use to locate the title of each chapter and the page number where it chapter begins?
a) title page
b) table of contents
c) glossary
d) index

The problem or struggle in a story.
a) theme
b) protagonist
c) mood
d) conflict

The main character or hero in a story
a) foil
b) antagonist
c) protagonist
d) character

Making an inference from a reading selection is also called
a) dangling modifiers
b) acting out
c) drawing conclusions
d) drawing pictures

The main idea of a literary work; the message the author wants to convey
a) symbolism
b) theme
c) tone
d) mood

The_____________ is where a story takes place.
a) plot
b) conclusion
c) setting
d) product

The events that make up a story are part of the story's
a) plot
b) action
c) setting
d) force

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