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Which type of cell is necessary for an immune response?
a) kidney cell
b) nerve cell
c) red blood cell
d) white blood cell

Which of the following is most consistent with the modern theory of evolution?
a) Living organisms have not changed for hundreds of millions of years.
b) Life on this planet came from another planet far out in space.
c) Parents change their physical traits in order to survive in the environement.
d) Parents pass physical traits to offspring which help them survive and reproduce.

Adaptation refers to gradual changes in groups of organisms necessary for survival. This is a result of ___
a) inheritable differences
b) homeostasis
c) inbreeding
d) extinction

The physical expression of a genetic trait is called a
a) mutation
b) genotype
c) phenotype
d) crossing over

Pine trees on the side of a mountain would be in competition with _____
a) butterflies
b) magnolia trees
c) squirrels
d) coyotes

Where would you expect to find the greatest number of species per square mile?
a) the south pole
b) North Dakota
c) tropical rain forest in Panama
d) Virginia farm

Gas exchange, diaphragm, and inhale are most closely associated with what system?
a) circulatory
b) digestive
c) excretory
d) respiratory

Larger body sized animals could survive better because _____
a) they needed less water
b) they needed less food
c) they could run faster
d) body temperature was regulated

Color and spotting of an animal is an adaptation that is an example of ____
a) mimicry
b) protective coloration
c) selective predation
d) survival of the fittest

When is a fox a secondary consumer?
a) when it eats a producer
b) when it eats a mouse which ate some grass
c) when it eats nothing
d) when energy goes from the fox to the mouse

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