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When chlorophyll breaks down, ___.
a) pollination occurs
b) other pigments become visible
c) red pigments disappear
d) photosynthesis occurs

If you plant a tree on the side of a very steep hill, it will ___.
a) grow straight out
b) bend upward because shoot tips have negative gravitropism
c) bend upward because shoot tips have positive gravitropism
d) bend downward because shoot tips have positive gravitropism

An example of short-day plants are ___.
a) poinsettias
b) clover
c) spinach
d) lettuce

An example of long-day plants are ___.
a) ragweed
b) poinsettias
c) clover
d) chrysanthemums

A short day plant is one that will ___.
a) flower when it experiences long nights
b) not flower when it experiences short days
c) flower when it experiences long days
d) flower at the beginning of summer

You can cause a chrysanthemum to flower by ___.
a) exposing it to a lot of light
b) exposing it to only a few hours of light a day
c) not watering it
d) both exposing it to a lot of light and not watering it

When the stomata on a leaf are open, ___ diffuses into the leaf.
a) oxygen
b) carbon dioxide
c) water
d) chlorophyll

Many of a plant's tropisms are in response to ___.
a) changes in day length
b) gravity
c) direction light
d) all of the answers

When commercial growers artificially control the length of days and nights to stimulate plants to flower, they are relying on a or an ___.
a) environmental stimulus
b) phototropism
c) thigmotropism
d) graitropism

A change in plant growth in response to the direction of light is called ___.
a) gravitropism
b) an evergreen
c) deciduous
d) phototropism

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