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All cells share one common characteristic. What is that characteristic?
a) Cells come from other cells by cell reproduction
b) Cells all have the same basic shape
c) Cells move under their own power
d) Cells produce their own food

Some cell structures are found only in plant cells and not in animal cells. Which of the following is NOT found in an animal cell?
a) cell membrane
b) chromosomes
c) chloroplasts
d) nucleus

All living things, plant or animal, have one thing in common. Which of the following is the common thing?
a) THey all have cells that are held up by cell walls.
b) They all have special cells that can do many different thing.
c) They all have cells.
d) They all have the same way to get water and food into their cells.

When scientists propsed the cell theory in 1838, it changed cell biology forever. Which of the following statements is NOT a part of this cell theory?
a) The cell is the smallest form of life.
b) All things, living and nonliving, are made up of cells.
c) All life forms are made up of one or more cells.
d) Cells come only from other cells.

Plants do not need skeletons because plant cells have a
a) cell wall
b) chloroplast
c) vacuole
d) cell membrane

A gate is to a factory as a _________ is to a cell
a) nucleus
b) mitochondria
c) cell membrane
d) cell wall

How is the school cafeteria most like a cell\'s mitochondria?
a) It controls the school\'s activities.
b) It gets rid of wastes.
c) It holds all the students.
d) It produces energy at lunch

How is the principal\'s office most like a cell\'s nucleus?
a) It controls the school\'s activities.
b) It gets rid of wastes.
c) It holds all the students.
d) It produces energy at lunch

The heart is an organ made of specialized cells. Which of these functions can the heart perform that individual heart cells cannot?
a) pump blood
b) grow larger
c) use energy
d) produce waste

Which of the following lists these levels in the correct order of organization from the simplest to the most complex?
a) organisms, organ systems, organs, tissues, cells
b) cells, tissues, organs, organ systems, organisms
c) organs, organ systems, organisms, cells, tissues
d) tissues, cells, organs, organisms, organ systems

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