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What is the first step in creating a web site using Dreamweaver?
a) Design all the pages complete with text and content.
b) Create a storyboard to show a small sketch of all pages in a web site.
c) Create a root folder to save all your files to.
d) Create an asset folder for all your images and media files.

What is the purpose of a root folder?
a) To give you a visual representation of your web site.
b) To hold all the files for your web site in one central location on your computer.
c) To hold all images and media files only in one central location on your computer.
d) A root folder isn't really necessary and a web site can be designed without one.

When deciding if your web page should be designed for seniors, teens, or children, you are considering your ______________.
a) Budget
b) Timeline
c) Audience
d) Media Sources

A small sketch that represents every page in a web site is called a:
a) Storyboard
b) Web server
c) IP address
d) Domain name

A web address that is expressed in letters instead of numbers, such as www.adobe.com, is:
a) an IP address
b) a remote server
c) an FTP
d) a domain name

All web pages should end with what extension?
a) .htm
b) .html
c) .xhtml
d) .doc

Transferring all files to a web server is also known as:
a) FTP
b) Publishing
c) Producing
d) Verifying

What is one default name for the home page?
a) Home
b) Welcome
c) Index

Which of the following would not be included in an assets folder?
a) Pictures
b) Videos
c) Images
d) your home page

On Seagraves web site, which of the following is a parent page?
a) Mrs. Krizman's page
b) Mr. Ellison's page
c) The home page
d) The basketball page

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