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How is the Earth and the moon similar?
a) both have liquid water
b) both have satellites
c) both have an atmosphere
d) both are made of rock

What are two main types of landforms that make up the moon's surface?
a) marias and craters
b) doems and equators
c) highlands and eclipses
d) gyrators and volcanoes

What is a solar eclipse?
a) The earth passes through the shadow of the sun.
b) The moon passes through the sun's shadow.
c) The moon passes through the earth's shadow.
d) The earth passes through the shadow of the moon.

What separates the inner planets from the outer planets?
a) sun
b) asteroid belt
c) gravity
d) comet belt

Which scientist made the first telescope?
a) Armstrong
b) Glenn
c) Copernicus
d) Galileo

Which scientist improved the telescope by using two mirrors and one lens?
a) Mayans
b) Jemison
c) Isaac Newton
d) Galileo

What was the first artificial satellite launched into space?
a) Viking
b) Apollo
c) Hubble
d) Sputnik

Which of the following is not a space shuttle use?
a) transports cargo and goods
b) a place to launch, bring back, and/or repair satellites
c) transports 50 astronauts and scientists
d) provides labs for scientific research in space

Which of the following is not needed in order for humans to survive on the planet Mars?
a) many moons
b) liquid water
c) oxygen
d) food

What is the correct order of the outer planets starting with the asteroid belt?
a) Jupiter, Saturn, Venus, Neptune, and Pluto
b) Mercury, Venus, Earth, and Mars
c) Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto
d) Uranus, Neptune, Mercury, Saturn, and Pluto

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