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Which of the following is not a factor in calculating momentum
a) mass
b) direction
c) acceleration
d) speed

Whenever an object is standing still, which value is always zero
a) speed
b) velocity
c) momentum
d) all of the above

A tug-of-war that results in one team mpulling the other across the line is an example of
a) action forces
b) reaction forces
c) balanced forces
d) unbalanced forces

A force is continuously applied to an object, causing it to accelerate. After a period of time, however, the object stops accelerating.What conclusions can be drawn
a) The mass of the object has increased
b) Gravity on the object has increased
c) The object is experienceing some kind of friction
d) The momentum of object has reached a maximum

Weight is best desribed as
a) an object's resistane to acceleration
b) what causes an object to fall
c) the downward forces exerted on an object due to gravity
d) the momentum of the object has reached a maximum

Which of the following units is used to measure acceleration
a) m/s
b) ms
c) m/s squared
d) m squared / s squared

Which i of the following is true
a) Weight and mass are proportional but not equal
b) Weight is gravitational force an object experiences due to its mass
c) The weight of an object on Earth is greater than the weight of the same object on the moon, but the
d) all of the above

The tendency of an object at rest to remain at rest is
a) inertia
b) momentum
c) free fall
d) acceleration

The strongest gravitational force occurs between Earth and
a) Jupiter
b) Venus
c) Pluto
d) The Moon

Near Earth's surface, an object's free-fall acceleration increses as its
a) mass increases
b) weight increases
c) speed increases
d) none of the above

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