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Test Your Knowledge Of The Processes That Make Up The Biogeochemical Cycles.[print questions]

Nitrogen is unavailable to plants in the form of
a) nitrogen gas
b) nitrites
c) nitrates
d) all are correct

The carbon cycle depends primarily on these 2 processes
a) combustion & evaporation
b) transpiration & decomposition
c) photosynthesis & cellular respiration
d) infiltration & respiration

Which of the following is the correct sequence as water moves from the ocean to land?
a) evaporation, precipitation, runoff, condensation
b) runoff, precipitation, evaporation, condensation
c) evaporation, condensation, precipitation, runoff
d) precipitation, evaporation, condensation, runoff

Transpiration is the process in which:
a) puddles evaporate into clouds
b) people breathe in air and exhale carbon dioxide
c) water vapor moves from living plants into the atmosphere
d) a new universe is formed

The water cycle is
a) the tendency for water to travel in circles
b) the constant movement of water from the atmosphere to the earth and then back to the atmosphere
c) the movement of water from high areas to low areas
d) a new type of 2 wheeled vehicle powered by hydrogen & oxygen

The process of denitrification converts ammonia to:
a) rain
b) urea
c) nitrates
d) nitrites

Water returning to earth from the atmosphere is called:
a) percolation
b) condensation
c) precipitation
d) evaporation

Humans excrete this form of Nitrogen
a) ammonia
b) nitrates
c) nitrites
d) nitrogen gas

Legume plants
a) depend on large amounts of nitrogen fertilizer to grow
b) are important to the carbon cycle
c) are able to fix nitrogen from the atmosphere
d) both 1 & 3

In order for water to change from a vapor to a liquid, this has to happen
a) energy has to be absorbed by the mol;ecules
b) energy has to be released by the molecules
c) the molecules need to speed up
d) the molecules need to move farther apart

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